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Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights; Why your rights are important

Know Your Rights; Buying a home is a huge investment and one you don’t want to take lightly. As such, you must work with a Title Insurance Agency that has your best interest at heart and will help you get the coverage that works best for your situation.


The Real Estate Company and/or Lender you use may have an (ABA) Affiliated Business Arrangement with a Title Agency they use and/or own.

This means that your Real Estate Company, Realtor and/or Lender could gain financially by you using their Title Agency. Really think about it. Who’s best interest do they have in mind? Yours or theirs?  Shop around yourself for the best deals and service. Be a Smart Consumer, be in control.


It is your legal right (The Borrower) to choose which ever Title Agency you want.

Anyone telling, forcing, or coercing you to use a Title Agency that is not your choice is illegal. Consequently, they should be reported to the Department of Banking and Insurance. In short, they might not be looking out for your best interests.


Ask your Title Agency if they will close in your preferred location.

Pride Abstract & Settlement Services will do so anywhere, anytime, in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.


Pride Abstract & Settlement Services does only Title, not Real Estate, nor Mortgages and years after your closing your Realtor or Lender might be long gone.

Pride Abstract & Settlement Services will still be here to answer all your questions and concerns. We take Pride in our relationships with our customers.


Can Pride Abstract & Settlement Services refer you to a Realtor or Lender/Realtor? YES.

As a company for over 15 years, we have created an amazing clientele. We would love to give you recommendations, so we can find the best team for you.

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