Title Insurance is always a smart idea, and we're here to help you with it.

Why Pride Abstract?

We listen to the needs of our customers & respond accordingly.

Pride Abstract & Settlement Services is family owned and operated Title Insurance and settlement services company. Their customers are simply a part of the family. They have built their success and earned their reputation by providing unequaled customer service. Pride Abstract & Settlement Services give you comfort in knowing that you are in good hands.

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of PA and NJ residents file Title Insurance claims every year.

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Protect Your Biggest Investment

A fire destroys only the house and improvements. The ground is left. A defective title may take away not only the house but also the land on which it stands. Title Insurance protects you (as specified in the Policy) against such loss.

Protect Against Forgery

A deed or mortgage in the chain of title may be a forgery.

Protect Against Illegal Activity

A deed or a mortgage may have been signed by a person under age.

Be a smart consumer – Be in control!

The Real Estate Company and/or Lender you use may have an (ABA) Affiliated Business Arrangement with a Title Agency they use and/or own. Shop around yourself for the best deals and service.

Choose any Title Agency you want.

Anyone telling, forcing, or coercing you to use a Title Agency that is not your choice is illegal.

Be comfortable.

Ask your Title Agency if they will close in your preferred location.

How much will it cost?

View the complete listings of effective Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rates.

We make your job easier.

Pride Abstract & Settlement Services is your source for the latest rates and information needed to make that real estate sale. Select from the wide range of calculators and estimators to make your job easier.


Who Chooses The Title Company? The Buyer? Seller? Realtor? Lender?

In Pennsylvania, where the buyer traditionally pays Title Insurance and title search costs, the buyer has the legal right to select the title company. Often, the buyer looks to their real estate agent for recommendations on who to use.

Why is Title Insurance Important?

Because it protects the INVESTMENT you’ve made in your home or business. If a claim is made against your property, Title Insurance can save you TIME and MONEY.

What We Provide

Pride Abstract covers all areas of the Title Insurance process.

Our specialty is Title Insurance and settlement services serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We hold offices in Stroudsburg, Whitehall, Bethlehem, and Coopersburg! Rest easy knowing that experienced title professionals not only conduct the settlements, but help you in the other areas below:

Estimate your Closing Costs

We will give you an estimate of all closing costs.

Public Utilities

We obtain final payoffs for public utilities.

Tax Certifications

Ordered immediately and forwarded per your instructions.


Our team sends information & authorization in time for closing.


We schedule settlements at an office most convenient for you, and issue policies at the table.

Lender Documents

Our advanced technology can receive lender documents in most every imaginable format.

Homeowner’s Association and PUD Dues Statements

Obtained in time for closing.

Deed Preparation (PA)

Full document, deed preparation & recording services

Trusted In Your Area

Learn why our clients trust us for all their settlement and Title Insurance needs.


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