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    1. Does your agency have an in-house settlement service?

    YesNoDoes not apply

    2. What would lead you to choose your in-house settlement service over Pride Abstract?

    It saves timeThe process is easierIt offers an advantage I can’t receive elsewhereDoes not applyOther (Please explain)

    3. What leads you to choose Pride Abstract over other title companies?

    4. How many times have you used Pride Abstract in the past year?

    5. In your best estimation, what percentage of your settlements do you complete with Pride Abstract?

    100%50-74%26-49%Less than 25%

    6. Would you recommend Pride Abstract to a fellow real estate agent or mortgage lender?


    7. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with Pride Abstract?

    1 - Least satisfied2345 - Most satisfied

    8. In your experience, what does Pride Abstract do best?

    Customer serviceEfficiencyProfessionalismKnowledgeabilityOther (Please explain)

    9. What is an area in which Pride Abstract can improve?

    Customer serviceEfficiencyProfessionalismKnowledgeabilityOther (Please explain)

    10. Please share any additional comments that would help us improve our services.